What is it like when work is Easy?


Who we are

We are a global company with great vision and stable performance. We put interpersonal relationships first and work hard on their development because we believe it is the key to success.

Easy Software - Who we areEasy Software - Who we areEasy Software - Who we are


Corporate social responsibility

We are interested in what is happening right now inside and around us, so we support Mindfulness Foundation and other non-profit subjects.

The purpose of Mindfulness Foundation is to promote full consciousness of all beings. By practicing yoga and mindfulness, it helps others better know themselves and the world around. We support the personal development of kids in children's homes. The foundation also organizes education courses of mindfulness for teachers and children in elementary schools.

We are proud to be working closely with the foundation. It is not a coincidence that many of us are actively involved in the activities of the foundation.

Easy Software annually contributes 500,000 CZK to Mindfulness Foundation.

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Easy Software - Corporate social responsibilityEasy Software - Corporate social responsibilityEasy Software - Corporate social responsibility


Volunteer day

We give our colleagues the opportunity to engage in charitable activities. The form of assistance may vary, such as dedicating a certain amount of working time for others.

It is a great honor to work with the Child Psychiatry of Thomayer's Hospital in Prague and join the center of supportive care. For one day, we could become gaming therapists trying to reduce the stress of pediatric patients while staying in the hospital, offer psychological support to children before medical examination or surgery and entertain them with various artistic activities so that their time in the hospital goes faster :) We support Lékořice - the center of supportive care.

Easy also helps with real gifts! We have decided not to buy cups or candles under the Christmas tree but rather to contribute to real gifts for People in Need organization.

Real gifts always symbolize some form of assistance - starting from a goat for a poor family in Africa through medicines for the sick and safe childbirth up to tutoring children from poor families in the Czech Republic. Therefore, the real gifts are divided into five categories expressing the areas of mutual assistance.

At the Christmas party, therefore, we handed out fictitious playing money and people chose where their budget would go. Sums have been added up to each of the real gifts, Easy has doubled these amounts and sent them to the people in need!

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Easy Software - Volunteer dayEasy Software - Volunteer dayEasy Software - Volunteer day


We respect and protect nature - Green program

Freedom of choice is a manifestation of responsibility toward ourselves and the world around us. Cleaning in our premises is done only with environmentally friendly products that are easily degradable and do not burden the environment.

We, therefore, buy those from the Czech firm Tierra Verde, which manufactures and offers products of daily necessities with the least negative impact on health and the environment.

We have connected our offices to green electricity from Nano Energies so our computers are powered by electricity coming exclusively from Czech renewable sources.

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Easy Software - We respect and protect nature - Green programEasy Software - We respect and protect nature - Green programEasy Software - We respect and protect nature - Green program


Even at work we experience joy and satisfaction

We try to make a day more enjoyable not with just a daily dose of vitamins via prepared fruits in the kitchens but also with sticks from different brands, yet always healthy, tasty, energetic (and sometimes gluten-free)!

Everyone has a very diverse work and sometimes it's hard to meet in a day, so we have combined pleasant with useful!

Monthly Easy breakfasts. Every second Wednesday of the month, we organize a breakfast in our Easy food club. After all, if we eat regularly and make time for the morning meal, we gain strength throughout the day. Fatigue just does not shake us, we are more relaxed and our mental and physical condition keeps improving.

If we want to be pampered, we have a private physiotherapist and chiropractor.

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Easy Software - Even at work we experience joy and satisfactionEasy Software - Even at work we experience joy and satisfactionEasy Software - Even at work we experience joy and satisfaction


We are like at home even when we work

Joining Easy Software means becoming a member of one large family. As a team, we are perfectly mixed, have a lot of young, avid people for whom the work for us is their first experience, but we also have seasoned professionals who share their know-how with others.

We are enriching each other with new ideas and approaches. You will definitely use your language knowledge as we have eight nationalities in our team - simply an international company as it should be.

We can also take our four-legged pets to the workplace, and such a dog in the office can reliably shine the day. We often stay in the office until evening but it's not for work. We play board games and organize regular night LAN parties. We are delighted with various events such as yoga exercises, meditations or thematic workshops. And when it's too much for us?

We can go hide in our new relax room and have a cup of coffee or play table football game. The offices are created from an original apartment space so that we breathe home, family atmosphere. The pleasant environment and aroma lamp create an oasis of peace where colleagues go to restore energy and regain lost balance.

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Easy Software - We are like at home even when we workEasy Software - We are like at home even when we workEasy Software - We are like at home even when we work


Team events

Not just at work we like to spend time together so we regularly go for a teambuilding around Prague once a year. All weekend just for fun! Good food, drink, grill and super people.

A unique event was the Family Day when we were able to present great Easy team to our dear ones. And we have not forgotten even the smallest ones! For example, they could enjoy a clown, bouncy castle, and competitions. And what are our other teambuilding events? A trip to Lipno, laser game, theater, bowling, mountain climb to Sněžka or escape game. Simply the activities the teams had chosen and which they like.

As far as benefits and team events are concerned, our colleagues from People team have an absolutely free hand. As part of the care of our team, our Happiness manager Monika thinks of various small surprises! Who would not be delighted by having a chocolate muffin on the table with a nice message after coming to work, spontaneously arranged Donut Day, offices full of candles and hearts on Valentine day or an advent calendar, candy, and hot mulled wine during Christmas time?

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Easy Software - Team eventsEasy Software - Team eventsEasy Software - Team events


Education and development - Blue program

The Blue program is focused on personal development and education. We want to be at the center of the latest trends so we encourage participation in conferences and professional training, summits, etc.

We actively respond to the training needs of our colleagues and help them to increase their professional qualifications. We work with experienced and certified lecturers. This year, for example, we had two days of Time Management training with master Petr Pacovský or an eight-week workshop with Jan Burian.

Do you have a workshop idea? Did you hear about an interesting conference or training? Do you want to add an interesting book to the company's library? Everything is welcome, while everything is voluntary - learning is a joy. We take into account what people actually need and use in their work and life.

We are interested in new technologies (we were at Future Port Prague), our developers regularly participate in devel conferences or WebExpa, we keep educated in project management, UX, software testing and in collaborative and communication skills. Simply in everything we need for a happy and successful work.

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Easy Software - Education and development - Blue programEasy Software - Education and development - Blue programEasy Software - Education and development - Blue program


Filip Morávek
Easy Software Ltd.
Filip Morávek, CEO, Easy Software Ltd.

Leader. Believer. Founder. My passion is establishing a great team with purpose and resources for growth. Here at Easy, we try to create a people-centred environment for professionals who work hard to create the world's best project management system. My duties and also pleasures are the strategy, people and finance and development of worldwide server infrastructure with our DevOps. Nevertheless, I am always ready to help with any problem of our customer, worker or supplier.