The conquest of Japan with Easy Redmine

Our project management tool Easy Redmine Japan celebrates success. Japan is our strongest market after the European Union and the United States.

Currently, we serve over 200 corporate clients and thousands of other users. In the medium term, therefore, we are considering setting up a branch office right in the Sunrise Land.

Simple project management with Easy Redmine

Redmine is an open source software designed for project management and bug tracking system. The Japanese are particularly fond of our Free Gantt Plugin and Resource Management, which allow simple visualization of projects and their resources. Both these tools are among hundreds of other extensions that Easy Redmine offers. It is a multi-platform and multi-database system that is tailored to the needs of corporate customers. In other words, each client is able to deploy a unique system origami for project management according to his needs.

We develop partner networks

Since Redmine is extremely popular in Japan, business partners who offer hosted clients want to join us from their own will. Our co-workers include, for example, a smaller agile company Hulinks or an Asian IT concern Pacter. In about five years, we would like to create a team of permanent workers in Japan who will directly look after business partners and develop the market, while the planned branch would fall under our London headquarters.

Easy Redmine 2018

Easy Redmine Japan as a strong player in the Enterprise segment

In the Japanese market, although very specific, we feel a great potential. So for the coming years, we aim to increase our revenue here and, together with our business partners, we plan to penetrate large Japanese companies. That's why we made a two-week trip to Japan, South Korea, and China as a part of building a partner network, where we personally negotiated with our partners.

We want to further improve our services through partners. Our intention is to establish the brand of Easy Redmine Japan as a powerful Japanese enterprise provider of Redmine solutions. Looking ahead, we would like to get other successful products on the Japanese market: Easy Project and Calculoid.


Author: Ondřej Šťovíček, Lukáš Beňa

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