Making business software easy & visual

Easy Software is a leading company on the field of open source business software. Delivering easy to use & visual products in global cloud. 

Easy Software products

Professional project management software made easy & visual.
The best Redmine project management plugins, cloud and solutions.

Easy Software mission

Our mission is to make everyday life of software users easier and more convenient using professional tools with visual outputs. 

We fulfill our mission using Open Source software and globally deployed Easy Cloud. We are also happy to deliver on-premise solutions and professional services.

Team dedicated to the success

Based in Prague and London we are a team of dedicated professionals who strive to deliver the best solutions to the millions of happy users all over the globe. 

As a self-funded company, where owners have hands on, we not only work together, we live together. We are Easy company.

Filip Morávek

Easy Software Ltd.
"Leader. Believer. Founder. My passion is establishing a great team with purpose and resources for growth. Here at Easy, we try to create a people-centred environment for professionals who work hard to create the world's best project management system. My duties and also pleasures are the strategy, people and finance and development of worldwide server infrastructure with our DevOps. Nevertheless, I am always ready to help with any problem of our customer, worker or supplier."

What is it like when work is Easy?

We are a global company with great vision and stable performance. We put interpersonal relationships first and work hard on their development because we believe it is the key to success.

Corporate social responsibility

We are interested in what is happening right now inside and around us, so we support Mindfulness Foundation and other non-profit subjects.

The purpose of Mindfulness Foundation is to promote full consciousness of all beings. By practicing yoga and mindfulness, it helps others better know themselves and the world around. We support the personal development of kids in children's homes. The foundation also organizes education courses of mindfulness for teachers and children in elementary schools.

We are proud to be working closely with the foundation. It is not a coincidence that many of us are actively involved in the activities of the foundation.

Easy Software annually contributes 500,000 CZK to Mindfulness Foundation.

We respect and protect nature - Green program

Freedom of choice is a manifestation of responsibility toward ourselves and the world around us. Cleaning in our premises is done only with environmentally friendly products that are easily degradable and do not burden the environment.

We, therefore, buy those from the Czech firm Tierra Verde, which manufactures and offers products of daily necessities with the least negative impact on health and the environment.

We have connected our offices to green electricity from Nano Energies so our computers are powered by electricity coming exclusively from Czech renewable sources.

Education and development - Blue program

The Blue program is focused on personal development and education. We want to be at the center of the latest trends so we encourage participation in conferences and professional training, summits, etc.

We actively respond to the training needs of our colleagues and help them to increase their professional qualifications. We work with experienced and certified lecturers. This year, for example, we had two days of Time Management training with master Petr Pacovský or an eight-week workshop with Jan Burian.

Do you have a workshop idea? Did you hear about an interesting conference or training? Do you want to add an interesting book to the company's library? Everything is welcome, while everything is voluntary - learning is a joy. We take into account what people actually need and use in their work and life.

We are interested in new technologies (we were at Future Port Prague), our developers regularly participate in devel conferences or WebExpa, we keep educated in project management, UX, software testing and in collaborative and communication skills. Simply in everything we need for a happy and successful work.

Team up with us

Become a part of the team that develops and markets project management software, which has over 3,000 of clients worldwide.

Contact us

UK Phone +44 207 193 4089
US Phone +1 415 800 4685
PL Phone +48 717 166 008
RU Phone +7 495 185 1255
CZ Phone +42 022 298 0481


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